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As a newborn my daughter loved to be swaddled, but as the months went by I was noticing it was much less effective. The Sleep Sacks and other blanket sleepers served the purpose of keeping her warm and safe, but were more cumbersome to deal with at changing time.

I love the Bitsy™ Bag because I can slip it on over what she is already wearing, it will stay in place during sleep time, play time, or when I'm carrying her around, and then I can easily slip it off for a quick diaper change. I even leave it on when I put it in her car seat. She is not able to kick it off of her and it leaves her arms free for playing or sucking on her fingers. And it doesn't hurt that it is absolutely adorable!

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Finally, a blanket that doesn't fall off!

wearable baby blanket

The Bitsy™ Bag is the original innovation of a mom wanting to create a cozy, secure blanket for her new baby; something that was convenient for diaper changing, cute and comfortable to wear, and secure enough to stay on. A crossbreed between a traditional blanket and a wearable blanket, the Bitsy™ Bag gently secures itself around the baby’s torso so they can kick, roll, or even sit up without the blanket coming off.

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