Bitsy is going to Hollywood!

It’s not everyday that you get to sit down and write a personal note to one of Hollywood’s top moms like Heidi Klum or Victoria Beckham, but today was not like everyday because that is exactly what I just finished doing.  Earlier this month I was contacted by Hollywood baby guru, Jayneoni Moore, who hand selected the Bitsy bag to go in the celebrity gift basket for an upcoming Hollywood baby shower that she is hosting.  I feel so blessed and honored that so many exciting things like this have been happening surrounding the Bitsy bag and I have to stop and think, this is a great unique product- something that I have to remind myself many times- not because I don’t believe it, but because I get so caught up in running the business that I forget people are being introduced to the Bitsy bag for the first time and are excited about it!   I created this company to be able to develop products from a Mom’s perspective, to make good products smarter and to make parent’s lives easier and the Bitsy bag is just the beginning of that goal.  And so as I write the final note to Jessica Alba (whoops, another name drop) I feel incredibly grateful for this opportunity to be creative and have people respond to it.  So stay tuned for exciting things to come with Bitsy, we are only just getting started! 


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Let Us Count the Ways…

So many people have been writing to tell us the different ways they have been using the Bitsy bag and we are so excited to pass those on to you for more ideas (and no, it does not include using it for a Santa sack). 

1.) Sleep Conditioning

When I created the Bitsy bag, it was to keep my little baby boy covered and secure when he moved all over the place at night as he slept.  But what I didn’t count on was how the Bitsy bag can be used for sleep conditioning at night.  My own little boy has been sleeping in it for more than a year now and I have discovered that when he is wearing the bag he not only falls asleep faster without fuss, but stays asleep longer.  I thought maybe he was the only one (or that he is brilliant- this is still being debated) but then I received an email from another customer who has been putting her baby in the Bitsy bag since he was 3 months old and says that he will hardly go to sleep without it now.  Her husband is so adament about how it works that he made her order 3 of them so they would have one at all times! 

2.) Lounging

Another way that the Bitsy bag can be used with non-mobile, infant babies is for lounging around during the day.  So many moms have told me that they love to keep their infant baby cuddled in the bag throughout the day, whether swinging away in the swing or relaxing in a bouncer, because it not only keeps them warm but is great for frequent (oh so frequent!) diaper changing. 

3.)  On the Go

Because the Bitsy bag is non-bulky and easily rolls up, it is convenient to pack in a bag for overnight or to daycare.  I got a kick out of one mom that told me how the Bitsy bag saved her on an outing when her baby had an “explosion” of sorts and she didn’t have an extra pair of pants!  Bitsy bag to the rescue!! 

I love to hear feedback from you, the moms/the experts, on how the Bitsy bag has worked for you!  So keep it coming!


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Win a Free Bitsy bag!!

If you have a little one that you want to “Bitsify” or are looking for a baby shower gift, this is the perfect time to head over to to win a FREE Bitsy bag of choice.  The winner will be able to pick their favorite design and if needed, have it gift wrapped for free!  Thanks so much to Shelli, blogger extrordianire and friend, for sharing my “baby” with her readers. 


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Bitsy through the… months.

I was going through some photos and came across this one, it’s the original Bitsy Bag that I created for my own little boy when he was just 4 months old!  Notice the obnoxious bow that I thought was SO cute… until he rolled over 5 minutes later and then it quickly got nixed (much to my husband’s relief).   Originally, I created this in a minky/flannel fabric but soon realized that it felt a little stiff and heavy and I wanted something that felt light, but also felt cozy.  I am more than happy with the outcome of the satin and minky- it is soothing to the touch but still feels lightweight, but I am open to creating the Bitsy Bag in a variety of other fabrics.  I would love to hear feedback from moms as to what materials you would like to see the Bitsy bag made from.  About two months after this picture was taken, I had the original prototype made with the right fabrics, and believe it or not, he is STILL sleeping in that very bag and he will be 2 in September.  So that just goes to show that you really do get your wear out of it!  Efficiency… it makes my heart go pitter patter. :)

The original "Bitsy Bag"


So to all you moms, what fabric(s) would you like to see the Bitsy bag made from??


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Mommy “Faux Pas” 101

No, this is not Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber.  It is just my 20-month old little boy after I had the bright idea of giving him a “trim” before vacation.  The haircut started in the bathtub (my logic was to contain the hair) and ended up in the living room 45 minutes later.  Needless to say, it was not a success but more like a scene out of “Running with Scissors.”  About 5 minutes after I took this photo (for future blackmailing purposes) my husband came home, was horrified, and scooped him up and took him to the nearest Sports Clips.  And so that was that.

Ok, so fess up.  What are some “Mommy Faux Pas” that you have committed?


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Coming to a Store near you!

Starting in the month of June, the Bitsy bags will be featured at the Atlanta and Dallas markets in the Larry Lucas Inc. showroom.  There, our full collection will be available to boutiques and gift shops!  We are super excited about this new venture and thank you for all of your support as we spread the Bitsy gospel to the world!  Of course, anyone is still welcome to shop our online store as we will still be shipping direct to you, so keep’em coming and keep’em covered!


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Baby Charlotte… this week’s Bitsy Baby!

Take a peek at baby Charlotte, this week’s new Bitsy Baby!  Her grandmother gave her a Bitsy Bag to keep her snug as a bug.  I believe if she could speak she would say, “I love my Bitsy Bag!”

If you have a Bitsy Baby, send us your photo!  Your baby could be the next Bitsy Baby!

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Bitsy Baby of the Week!

Meet our newest Bitsy Baby- sweet Jackson, sleeping peacefully in his Bitsy Bag.

If you have a Bitsy Baby you would like to show us, send in your pics!

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Introducing the Bitsy Bag!

It has been said that necessity is the mother of all invention…and that has never been truer when it comes to the Bitsy brand.

The Bitsy Bag is the original innovation of a mom wanting to create a cozy, secure blanket for her new baby; something that was convenient for diaper changing, cute and comfortable to wear, and secure enough to sleep in. A crossbreed, if you will, between a traditional cuddle blanket and a functioning wearable sleeper, the Bitsy Bag offers babies security and warmth while offering moms peace of mind.

What are the features & benefits of using a Bitsy Bag?

• Baby is able to roll, kick, sit without the blanket falling off
• Security and warmth
• Doubles as both a soothing blankie and functional sleeper
• Comfortable non-roll elastic waistband keep Bitsy bag in place
• Peace of mind for Parents
• Soft fabrics are soothing to baby
• Stylish designs for every taste
• Affordable
• Perfect Gift for new moms
• Can be used for sleep, or even lying around during waking hours
• Easy access for diaper changing
• No bulk around the neck or chin, allows baby to freely move their arms
• Lightweight fabrics used eliminating the worry of overheating

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