Bitsy Baby… Hudson

We have a new arrival in the world of Bitsy!  Introducing… Baby Hudson!  This little guy is actually the son of one of my good friends and I had the opportunity to see the Bitsy in action with him.  He is a little wiggle worm, but still no match for the Bitsy bag as it stayed in place the whole time he was kicking and stretching.  When I see babies this shiny and new (he is only a day old in this picture!) it reminds me of the purity of life and all that is good.  Babies are truly one of the greatest teachers that bring us back to a mindset of gratitude and awe, and constantly remind us that life is truly a miracle.  I am so thankful that we are in the baby business and get to serve these little guys. 

So please give a warm welcome to little Hudson, who will grow to be a mighty force in this world.  Welcome to this wonderful thing we call life.



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One Response to Bitsy Baby… Hudson

  1. Kristin Peaks says:

    Awwww my sweet nephew. He loves his Bitsy Bag!

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